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前几天Wired.com杂志主编安德森写了一篇文章 The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet,掀起了业内大讨论。这位老兄算是IT评论界的大牛,以前出过两本畅销书:「Free: The Future of a Radical Price」和「The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More」。前者我大概读过,讲在互联网时代,企业如何利用免费产品,吸引到更多的客户,我在市场营销课的结课论文上还引用过其中的观点。后者,也就是那本长尾理论,现正安静地躺在书桌上,等待我阅读。



You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad — that’s one app. During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times — three more apps. On the way to the office, you listen to a podcast on your smartphone. Another app. At work, you scroll through RSS feeds in a reader and have Skype and IM conversations. More apps. At the end of the day, you come home, make dinner while listening to Pandora, play some games on Xbox Live, and watch a movie on Netflix’s streaming service.
You’ve spent the day on the Internet — but not on the Web. And you are not alone.

那么难道跑在移动操作系统上的App真的会取代网站,我们喜爱的Twitter, Facebook, YouTube都将变成你手机里的一个个App来运行吗?