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首先,我的第一反应是会不会被墙了,因为我自己搭建了几个敏感站点的反向代理,难道是被检测出来了?中国的网络防火墙屏蔽网站的手法有很多:1. DNS污染,我更换了Google DNS和OpenDNS分别做了nslookup,返回结果都是我的正常服务器IP。2. 域名被列入黑名单,我挂上Free Gate,但依然无法访问。3. IP遭到封锁,由于我购买的是较高等级的产品,服务商给我配备的2个IP,于是我登陆到服务器控制面板,把主IP换成另外一个,重启机子,可照样无法连接。这样可以基本得出结论,不是被墙了。

接着,我开始怀疑是不是机房故障,我访问了 @riku 的网站,他的机房和服务商和我的相同。然而他的网站完全没有任何问题,而且访问速度很快,所以这个假设也不成立。


最后我试着做了Trace Route,结果显示package在第一个节点,也就是我的家用路由就卡住了。


Hello, I got trouble for my PhotonVPS since yesterday.

At the beginning, my server became slower than ever, after half day it totally cannot be connected.

My Webmin showed the server was still Online, Reboot didn’t solve problem.

I’ve also tried ping, tracert commands and SSH connection from my Windows client located in Beijing, China with IP

“ping” indicated 100% loss for all packages, and tracert indicated “Request timed out.” since the 2nd hop, the first hop was my home router with IP SSH connection didn’t work either.

I also tried one of my friend’s server who use your VPS product too. His server IP is It’s totally working well and has no trouble which I’ve depicted above.

I really get confuse and feel anxious, pls pls help me solve this problem, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

btw, I attach a screenshot which shows results of ping and tracert commands.

这张Ticket是在北京时间的上午发送的,我的服务器提供商位于Walnut, CA,他们当时的时间是太平洋时间晚上六点左右,没想到客服几乎在我发信后的5分钟内给我回了消息,内容如下:


Thank you for contacting us

We have fixed the issue and also chattr the interface

So you will not face this issue again

update us if you have any other doubts.

Thank you.

Level 1 Engineer

看到后,我立刻再次连接,这次终于连上了SSH,但访问不了网站,也用不了OpenVPN,再仔细一想,可能是因为当时server重启了,我没有添加HTTP Server开机自启动和OpenVPN package的外网转发。于是进入shell重新配置,一切恢复正常。


THANK YOU for rapid reply, finally it works again.

But I really wanna know the reason of the problem and how you resolved it.

After all, all the efforts I made before didn’t make any sense, so I want some details about it if possible.




Sometimes the gateway and mask get changed on vps and we need to change it manually as per ip.

You should note down the current gateway and mask from network files and keep copy of it at your end.

After correction of gateway and mask your vps ip start working fine.


Michael Ainsworth

Level 2 Technician